Make SAFETY Your Priority

Safety Analytics helps your company use its own claims and accident report data to reduce the variation, frequency, and severity of workplace safety incidents.

Unmatched Experience in Risk and Loss Reduction

Dr. Cary Tuckfield’s 30+ years of experience as a professional statistical consultant allow him to effectively analyze data and use statistical process control to improve workplace safety.

How It Works

Without new knowledge, companies seldom make strides forward. Tradition and rigid procedures will only preserve ignorance and loss. We rely on data—not instinct or opinion—to guide workplace safety decisions.


Audit Your Existing Safety Processes

We first identify the most frequent and costly incident types and hone-in on safety process steps with the greatest risk.


Increase Reliability for a Safe Workplace

After identifying trends and a process map, we help mitigate risk, reduce process variation, and increase the reliability of workplace safety.


Minimize OSHA Citations and Fines

After implementing the new strategies, we’ll help you continue to preserve, control and improve the process of workplace safety.

“In God we trust; all others bring data.”

– W. Edwards Deming

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