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Safety Analytics sees employee safety as a workplace process. Years of experience using statistics and risk analysis have helped companies just like yours to recognize that process and improve their safety culture in the workplace.

We use your company’s accident (claims) data to help you stabilize the safety process and use Statistical Thinking to improve it. Driving down the variation in injury frequency and severity results is a safer workplace, one that is more reliable.

Not only can we help your company reduce losses and the likelihood of OSHA showing up at the front door, but with less injury risk, employee turnover rates will decline. A safer workplace means lower total onboarding costs from reduced worker replacement, etc.

Common Problems with Workplace Safety

  • The Data Itself
    Safety Analytics will help each company identify the essential features a safety incident (claims) database from which datasets can be retrieved for workplace safety process improvement.
  • Frequently Recurring Claims
    For example, some of the most common types of workers’ compensation claims are soft-tissue injuries such as Strains and Sprains. We will drill down into the sectors of your business production or services process where these injuries are occurring most frequently and find ways to reduce that frequency and loss.
  • Lack of Knowledge About Indicators
    Often, there are one or two keywords that describe the incident cause. We will help to identify these words as fast-track leading indicators that the company can monitor to ensure the workplace safety process is in control.

Summary of Qualifications

Dr. Cary Tuckfield, Safety Analytics’ founder and CEO, has decades of experience helping companies like yours reduce risk and use data to help them improve workplace safety.

  • BS, Biology
  • MS, Zoology/Statistics
  • MS, Statistics
  • PhD Ecological Science
  • 30+ years as a professional statistical consultant
  • 5 years as a Risk and Loss Reduction Consultant
  • Safety Committee Chairman, Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL)
  • Quality Improvement Steering Team Leader, SRNL
  • Facilitator, Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”
  • 10 years as Adjunct Faculty Instructor in Statistics, Strayer University, Augusta, GA

Learn About Our Process

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